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7:30pm               Intuitive Yin (60)


7:30am              Vinyasa Express (45)


7:30am              Yang to Yin (60)

Single Class
(45 min class) 

for (60 min class)

Monthly Discount

Our mats serve as the foundation to the greatest practice of all - living a good life.Our souls will evolve as much, if not more, than our physical practices. 

I am not interested in work our based classes, I am interested in how these practices change ordinary human lives. I am interested in emphasising the fact that ordinary human lives are sacred. We can heal ourselves and in healing ourselves we become better partners, community members, parents, friends and family members. We open to our own creativity and bring beauty into the world. We are all unique and wonderful just as we are.

Rachel x

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Name: R Matthews

S/C: 04-00-04

ACC: 18278541


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