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What WE offer...

As well as being a trained yoga teacher and therapist, I am also an actress and counselling therapist! Merging skills from all discipline igniting imagination with captivating storytelling, encourage calmness with meditation and yoga and hold a safe environment for children to learn, grow and be inspired.

I have found that the combination of these three disciplines brings the perfect balance of playfulness, discipline, authenticity & creativity.


I believe yoga is all inclusive and integral to children’s development.  From our years of experience, we now know it brings a sense of joy, fulfillment & challenges that not only are apparent in the physical body but in the mind and emotions too. 

Right approach

We teach with the right approach which involves a structured environment to stimulate every child’s best behaviour and participation. We teach with encouragement and are committed to ensure that every child feels included throughout every session. 

Scientific evidence has shown that yoga is proven to improve children’s health, behaviour and performance by:

Teaching the ability to relax in a comfortable state of being

Encouraging community within peer groups

Easing anxiety and tension

Encouraging regulation and balancing of emotions


Enhancing focus, attention, concentration, comprehension and memory


Cultivating mind, body and self awareness

Teaching the power of the present moment – which is the optimumstate for learning.

The Benefits

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