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Upcoming Events

 Our yoga retreats, events and holidays are carefully created with each individual in mind. Whether your idea of relaxing is exploring a bustling city or hiking the mountains, lounging by a pool or staying on the mainland in the countryside, we organise retreats to cater to all! 

Check out our previous retreats and locations here.

We will always teach the full practice of yoga! Which means we combine asana, pranayama, meditation and more with our nutritious, nourishing and delicious homemade plant-based meals. We aim to bring you that much needed time to restore, relax and refresh. Bringing you back to the simplicity of a healthy, happy and humble lifestyle surrounded by like minded people in beautiful surroundings.

All retreats are created and designed with YOU in mind, each detail thought about carefully to make your experience a smooth and beautiful one from booking to departing the retreat! I will always help plan your journey to and from venues, including arranging transfers for all guests (when abroad!) Each retreat has its individual nuances and touches that make it unique and a home away from home. 

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