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At Flourish Well-Being, we believe that everyone should be able to access well-being practices, and that corporate yoga can be an excellent way to do this. 

The classes are designed to be accessible for everyone and tailored to the needs of each workplace. I understand that each business is unique and offers a bespoke approach to create an environment that is supportive and nurturing. Through yoga classes, I’ll help to build resilience in the workforce, improve health, wellbeing, performance and relationships within the workplace.

I can also offer one-to-one counselling therapy for individuals, please refer to my counselling page for more details.

Let's be real

Most companies in the UK have employee assistance programme (EAP) in place. If people are off sick for longer than 4 weeks they will be referred to occupational health, this can become a cycle.



How can you continuously support your employees mental and physical health in a most cost effective & sustainable way?

Did you know?

Poor mental health among employees costs UK employers £42bn – £45bn each year.

This is made up of absence costs of around £7bn, presenteeism costs ranging from about £27bn to £29bn and turnover costs of around £9bn.

- Deloitte (2020)

How will you benefit?

Makes the place of work an enjoyable environment

Improves communication skills

Enhances employees’ strength, posture and health


Decreases the frequency and duration of sick days


Improved mindset and emotional intelligence


Boosts morale

Improved focus and productivity

Decreases employees’ fatigue


one off booking 


(minimum 10 people)

Twelve week block

£85 per session

Six week block

£100 per session

Best Value

*Classes need to be within a suitable space provided by you

*All class are for 45 mins

* During Lunch or before/after work hours 

*Earliest morning time is 7am

*Latest evening booking is 8pm

*All block bookings are consecutive weeks

T's and C's Apply.

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